Students may pursue a double major or dual degree in Women's and Gender Studies and any other degree. Through our programs, students earn an exceptional interdisciplinary education that will benefit them in the job market and throughout their careers.


  • Interdisciplinary research with a diverse faculty community
  • An active cohort of students involved in both programs
  • Research and practical experiences essential for career and graduate school preparation
  • Greater access to faculty committed to mentoring and advising students

Dual Degree: English

A dual degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and English provides insights into the role of gender in literature, rhetoric and linguistics.

  • English Courses for Women’s and Gender Studies

    AML 4624 African American Women Writers (3) - A study of the writings of African American women.

    ENG 4134 Women and Film (3) - An examination of how women have been represented in dominant commercial films.

    ENL 3261 19th Century British Women Novelists (3) - Examines fiction written by women in the 19th century, including classical realist, gothic, sensation, working-class, and New Woman novels

    ENL 4212 Medieval Women Writers (3) - The contributions of medieval women to literary history are examined.

    ENL 4370 Virginia Woolf and Her Circle (3) - Focusing on the works of Virginia Woolf.

    LIN 4651 Gender and Language (3) - Examines the evidence on a variety of questions regarding women and language, including women’s speech in English and other languages, sexist language, and the relationship between language and societal attitudes towards women.

    LIT 3200 Themes in Literature (3) - Individual sections will read and discuss works relating to topics of current and enduring interest.

    LIT 3383 Women in Literature (3) - Students will examine the images of women created by European and American writers.

    LIT 3384 Caribbean Women Writers (3) - Examination of the writings of Caribbean women.

    LIT 4382 Women in Post-Communist Eastern Europe (3) - An examination of the role of women in Eastern Europe, particularly in the former Czechoslovakia, since the fall of Communism there in 1989.

    LIT 4536 Multi-cultural Working Class Women's Literature (3) - Evaluates gender issues across cultural, race, and class lines.

  • Affiliated English Faculty
  • Careers for English Dual Degree Graduates
    • Search engine marketer
    • News reporter
    • Public relations liaison
    • Corporate blogger

Dual Degree: History

A dual degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and History provides the global perspective and experience necessary to step out into the real world. By taking common courses, students will earn exceptional interdisciplinary education to enter a competitive job market and complex world.

Dual Degree: Political Science and International Relations

A dual degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science or International Relations provides a sophisticated perspective on these dynamic and culturally attuned disciplines.

  • Political Science and International Relations Courses for Women’s and Gender Studies

    POS 4072 Women in Politics (3) - Examines the various roles that women play in politics, their actions and effectiveness, and the manner in which politics affects women. Special attention to policies that affect women.

    CPO 4053 Political Repression & Human Rights (3) - Examination of domestic factors resulting in political repression and violations of human rights. American, European, and South American examples will be used.

    POT 3304 Feminist Political Theory (3) - Provides a fundamental understanding of feminist political theory since 1950 with an emphasis on U.S. thought. Concepts explored include equality, equity, and representation.

    POS 4605 Gender Justice (3) - The development of gender law in the U.S. and legal strategies by which courts both initiate and respond to demands for social change. Emphasis on various legal definitions of justice and equality

    INR 4077 International Relations & Women’s Human Rights (IP) (3) - Identifies and explains global human rights issues that affect women’s lives. Examines existing international legal instruments that allow women to have basic rights recognized. Fulfills SACS oral competency requirement.

    POT 4309 Sex, Power and Politics (3) - Theories are examined that explain differences between women and men’s power in the political arena. Their internal consistency and “fit” with reality are also explored.

    INR 4085 Women and Men in International Relations (IP) (3) - Surveys the differential roles of women and men in international relations, gender based politics at a global scale, and constructions of proper womanhood and manhood in transnational politics.

  • Affiliated Political Science and International Relations Faculty

    Judith Stiehm: Political Theory, Social Change, Civil-Military Relations, Women's Studies

    Susanne Zwingel: International Women’s Rights and Their Translation, Gender Equality Advocacy around the World, Global Governance and Gender; Feminist, Constructivist and Postcolonial IR theories, Gender and Armed Conflict

    Kathryn A. DePalo: American Government, Judicial Selection, State Government, Gender, Political Behavior

  • Careers for Political Science or International Relations Dual Degree Graduates
    • Research scientist
    • Foreign service professional or official
    • Policy maker
    • Grassroots organizer

Dual Degree: Psychology

A dual degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Psychology provides insights into the interplay of sex, sexuality, gender and related concepts and issues in psychology.

  • Psychology Courses for Women’s and Gender Studies

    PSY 4930 Women and Leadership - Special Topics (3)

    SOP 4731 Global Psychology: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Psychological Research and Theories (GL) (3) - Examination of cultural contexts informing human behavior and psychological well internationally. Students will examine psychology research through direct application to global phenomena. Prerequisite: PSY 2012.

    SOP 3742 Psychology of Women (3) - An examination of women from various perspectives, such as biological, anthropological, mythological, religious, historical, legal, sociological, and psychoanalytical points of view. Discussions of ways in which these various perspectives influence the psychological development of contemporary women.

    SOP 4774 Female Sexuality (3) - Psychological and behavioral aspects of women’s sexuality will be explored, including: anatomy, sexual functioning, pregnancy/childbirth. Sexual orientation, sexual variations, sexual assault/abuse, and relationships. Prerequisites: PSY 2012 (Intro to Psychology) or WST 3015 (Introduction to Global Gender and Women's Studies).

    PSY 4900 Independent Reading (VAR) (3) - Limited to qualified students who have permission from a faculty member and who present a plan of study including area and objectives. Students enrolled in this course are expected to have regularly scheduled meetings with their faculty advisor, and to submit a written report of their study. Offered for Pass/Fail only. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

    PSY 4916 Independent Research (VAR) (3) - Limited to qualified students who have permission from a faculty member and who present a written proposal for research. Students enrolled in this course are expected to have regularly scheduled meetings with their faculty advisor, and to submit a written report of their research. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

    CLP 4314 Psychology of Health and Illness (GL) (3) - Course provides an overview of the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine with an emphasis on psychological, social, cultural, and global factors affecting health and health care/policy. Prerequisite: PSY 2012.

  • Affiliated Psychology Faculty
  • Careers for Psychology Dual Degree Graduates
    • Research scientist
    • Counselor
    • Lawyer
    • Social studies teacher
    • Journalist
    • Physician's assistant
    • Corporate consultant