Undergraduate Certificate in Health Humanities

The Undergraduate Certificate in Health Humanities is designed for students in the humanities, social sciences, public health, nursing, pre-med and pre-health who want to develop their studies with interdisciplinary perspectives on health and medical topics.

Students explore health, medicine and healing in humanities-based courses through a variety of departments including English, Earth and Environment, Global & Sociocultural Studies, History, Liberal Studies, Philosophy and Psychology, as well as the Honors College. Students will gain research and analytical skills, build expertise in communicating with diverse communities, and discover many career pathways in and around health care and the humanities.

This 18-credit program is ideal not only for students who plan to pursue careers in public health, nursing and medicine, but also for students interested in studying health concerns from historical, literary, anthropological and other perspectives.

  • Courses

    Earn the certificate by completing six of these courses:

    • AMH 3314 Public Health and Medicine in United States History
    • AMH 4671 Race, Gender and Science in the Atlantic World
    • ANT 3462 Medical Anthropology
    • ANT 4461 Hallucinogens and Culture
    • ANT 4480 Anthropological Approaches to Global Health
    • CLP 4314 Psychology of Health and Illness
    • CYP 3003 Introduction to Community Psychology
    • DEP 2000 Human Growth and Development
    • DEP 3909 Psychology of Adulthood
    • ENC 3363 Writing about the Environment
    • ENC 3311 Advanced Writing and Research
    • ENC 4241 Scientific Writing
    • ENC 4260 Advanced Professional Writing
    • ENC 3354 Writing as Social Action
    • ENC 4331 Writing, Rhetoric, and Community
    • ENC 4357 How to Go Public
    • ENC 3378 Writing across Borders
    • ENC 4405 Queer Rhetorics
    • ENL4215 Medieval Monstrosity
    • EUH 3193 The Black Death
    • HSA 3412 Cultural Competency in Health Sciences
    • HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities
    • IDH 3035 Honors Seminar
    • IDS 3183 Health without Borders
    • IDS 3189 International Nutrition, Public Health, and Economic Development
    •  LIT 4403 Literature among the Arts and Sciences
    • LIT 4420 The Psychological Novel
    • LIT 4606 Literature of the Sea
    • HIS 4315 Gendered History of the Body
    • HIS 4492 History of United States Health Policy
    • LAH 4722 Health, Medicine, and Disease in Latin American Social History
    • PHI 3320 Philosophy of Mind
    • PHI 3400 Philosophy of Science
    • PHI 3454 Philosophy of Biology
    • PHI 3601 Ethics
    • PHI 3638 Contemporary Ethical Issues
    • PHI 4635 Biomedical Ethics
    • PHG 3101 Introduction to Public Health
    • PSB 4002 Introductory Biopsychology
    • PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology
    • SOP 3004 Into to Social Psychology
    • STP 4730 Sociology of Death
    • SYO 3400 Health and Medicine in Society
    • SYO 3401 Health Behavior
    • SYO 4420 Comparative Health Systems
    • SYP 4013 The Body in Society
    • SYP 4730 Aging in Society

    For more information, please consult the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs Undergraduate Certificates Catalog.

  • Application

    Current degree-seeking students that haven't applied for graduation should send an email to wstudies@fiu.edu with their PID and expected graduation to begin the enrollment process. Students that have applied for graduation need to submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate. They can enter their information in the student section of the form and send it via email to wstudies@fiu.edu. All other certificate applicants should complete the Undergraduate Certificate Application form and submit it to the department for approval. Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Registrar for processing.