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English and Women's Studies Dual Degree

Completing a dual degree offers many advantages over earning a bachelor's degree in a single subject.

  • Affiliated Faculty

    Dr. Barrett, Lynne Professor - Creative Writing
    Dr. Blatt, Heather Assistant Professor - The Literature and Culture of Late Medieval England, Vernacular Media and Food Cultures, and Medieval Monstrosity and Families
    Dr. Carter, Phillip Assistant Professor - Language and Culture, Spanish Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Latina/o Studies, Hispanic Linguistics, Language and Gender, Feminist Theory
    Dr. Chinelly, Cynthia Senior Lecturer
    Dr. Duhamel, Denise Professor Creative Writing
    Dr. Harrison, Kimberly Associate Professor - Writing Instruction, Writing Program Administration, and Nineteenth-Century Women’s Rhetoric
    Dr. Hoder-Salmon, Marilyn Founding Director, CWGS, Associate Professor (retired) - Neglected Women Writers, Women's Narratives of War, 19th-century American Women Writers, and Women and Film
    Dr. Hopkins, Tometro Associate Professor - World Englishes, Pidgins and Creole, Gullah, Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics
    Dr. Kai, Tara Lecturer
    Dr. Luszczynska, Ana Assistant Professor
    Dr. McCormack, Kathleen Professor
    Dr. Russell, Heather Associate Professor - The Intersections of Race, Gender, Class, Postcoloniality and Genre
    Dr. Strycharski, Andrew Assistant Professor - Literacy, Technology and Education
    Dr. Sutton, James Associate Professor - Spatial and Cultural dimensions of "winter" in the English Renaissance

  • English Courses for Women's Studies
    AML 4624 African American Women Writers (3). A study of the writings of African American women
    ENG 4134 Women and Film (3). An examination of how women have been represented in dominant commercial films.
    ENL 3261 19th Century British Women Novelists (3). Examines fiction written by women in the 19th century, including classical realist, gothic, sensation, working-class, and New Woman novels
    ENL 4212 Medieval Women Writers (3). The contributions of medieval women to literary history are examined.
    ENL 4370 Virginia Woolf and Her Circle (3). Focusing on the works of Virginia Woolf.
    LIN 4651 Gender and Language (3). Examines the evidence on a variety of questions regarding women and language, including women’s speech in English and other languages, sexist language, and the relationship between language and societal attitudes towards women.
    LIT 3200 Themes in Literature (3). Individual sections will read and discuss works relating to topics of current and enduring interest.
    LIT 3383 Women in Literature (3). Students will examine the images of women created by European and American writers.
    LIT 3384 Caribbean Women Writers (3). Examination of the writings of Caribbean women.
    LIT 4382 Women in Post-Communist Eastern Europe (3). An examination of the role of women in Eastern Europe, particularly in the former Czechoslovakia, since the fall of Communism there in 1989.
    LIT 4536 Multi-cultural Working Class Women's Literature (3). Evaluates gender issues across cultural, race, and class lines.

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