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Degrees and Programs

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies sponsors and administers academic degrees, courses, and community programming pertaining to the study of women of different ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and economic backgrounds. This includes the study of gender expression across time and place, the conventions of femininity and masculinity, and the experiences of transgender persons.

Undergraduate Degrees 


 A Women's and Gender Studies certificate provides an opportunity for students to integrate scholarship about gender from a variety of disciplines into a coherent program of study. The Certificate Program includes a core of required courses central to an understanding of women in a social and historical context.

The courses provide a basic grounding in Women’s and Gender Studies that should be useful in many majors and in preparation for graduate study and professional training. The core courses are supplemented by a variety of electives to be chosen according to the student’s specific interests. Students may enroll in the Certificate Program or take courses as electives.