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CWGS Activities & Awards

Yesim Darici, Ph.D.

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Awards & Appointments

Appointed FIU Assistant Provost, STEM, 2017
FIU Patent/Inventor's Award, 2017
FIU CASE Award for Engagement, 2017
Miami Dade-County's 29th Annual "In the Company of Women" Award, 2017
FIU President's Access and Equity Award, 2016
Global Advisor, HEAR CONGO, 2013-present
Faculty Advisor, Footprints Foundation, 2012-present
FIU Recognition Awards, nomination for the FIU President’s Access and Equity Award, 2010
Florida International University Foundation "Excellence in Teaching" Award, 1997
Florida State University System “Teaching Incentive Program” Award", 1996
O. M. Steward Fellow, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1980-1983

Presentations & Publications in Women's and Gender Studies

• Rose, S.M., Darici, Y., and Eaton, A. (May, 2015). FIU ADVANCE Strategies for Elevating Concerns of Women Faculty, NSF ADVANCE/GSE (Gender in Science and Engineering) Conference, Baltimore, MD.
• Darici, Y. (Feb. 2015). Keynote Speaker, Work Force Development. Conference for the Advancement of Women and Minorities, Association of Women in Science and Florida Atlantic University.
• Darici, Y. (Feb. 2014). Plenary Address, Educating Colleagues about Inequality and Unconscious Bias, International Women’s Issues Conference, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.
• Rose, S.M., Darici, Y., Eaton, A., Hickey-Vargas, R., & Stewart, A. (March 2014). Progress and Challenges with Advancing Women in STEM at Florida International University. National Science Foundation ADVANCE Conference, Alexandria, VA.
• Darici, Y. (May 2014). Confidence: Building Warrior Women: Leadership Tactics, invited talk at LouKa Tactical Training workshop, May 14, 2014.
• Rose, S.M., Darici, Y., Hickey-Vargas, R., & Eaton, A. A. (March 2013). Early Success of ADVANCE Hiring Strategies at Florida International University. NSF annual ADVANCE Conference, Alexandria, VA.
• Darici, Y. (Fall 2011). C ommunity and Learning Environment Matters for a Successful Undergraduate Program, article and the visiting editor for CSWP (Committee on Status of Women in Physics) and COM (Committee on Minorities) Gazette, Vol.30, NO.2.
• Darici, Y. (2011). Who did Einstein’s Math? Celebration of Women in Science, FIU.

Media Presentations

• Darici, Y. (2014). Breaking News USA,, “University Faculty Blasts FIU Decision to Host Donald Trump Beauty Pageant
• Darici, Y. (2013). Speaking out: retaliation against rap e, Interview with Isaac Ortiz/ Contributing Writer, The Beacon, FIU student paper interview, 2013.
• (2012). Professor contributes to nationwide university diversity initiatives
• (2011). FIU receives Innovative Grant for Women in Science
• FIU, Sponsored Research, Annual Report 2000-2001, The Making of a First-Rate Physicist
• PBS TV PROGRAM – “Scientific research in our daily Lives” – 1997 – Present. This is a 20 minute talk recorded by PBS TV crew in my laboratory explaining scientific research in my area and its effect in our daily lives.

Funded Research on Women and Minorities

• Yesim Darici and Nurdan Duman (PIs), Global Women’s Summit (May 16-18) in Ankara) support from the Republic of Turkey, 2015-2016, $ 40,000.00
• Yesim Darici, Asia Eaton, and Rosemary Hickey-Vargas (Co-PIs), PI: Suzanna Rose. The ACE Partnership for Adaptation Implementation, and Dissemination: Awareness of, Commitment to, and Empowerment of women scientists at Florida International University (FIU), NSF, 2010-2015, $573,419.
• Yesim Darici (Key Personnel), FIU- Upward Bound, Department of Education, 2009-Present, $5,000/year.
• Yesim Darici (Co-PI), PI: J. Zhang, Acquisition of an In-situ Structural Monitoring System in a Laser-MBE/STM Facility for complex Materials Research and Education., NSF, 2002-2004, $97,150.
• Yesim Darici, Stephen Mintz, Richard Bone (Co-PIs), PI: Laird Kramer, An Active Learning Environment for Introductory Physics At FIU, NSF, 2001-2004, $55,138.
• Yesim Darici (Co-PI) and four other faculty from College of Engineering, PI: Malek Adjouadi, Educational Innovations in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, with a comprehensive Student Pipeline: From Pre-College to Graduate Studies, Promoting Recruitment, Retention and Academic Excellence., Department of Naval Research, 1999-2003, $2,300,445.
• Yesim Darici (Key Personnel), PI: Sofia Santiesteban, South Florida-Secondary Teacher Equity in Mathematics and Science (SF-STEMS) NSF, 2003-2006, $199,958.
• Yesim Darici (Key Personnel), PI: Maria Fernandez, FL PROMISE, Department of Education, 2008-2010, $374,714, $20,000/year.
• Yesim Darici (Co-PI), PI: N. Tao, Thin Film Structural Analysis Facility, Department of Defense/ Army Research Office, 1998-2000, $372,000.
• Yesim Darici, S. Mergui, K.Wu, T.Babij, J. Adrian, Y. Darici, .Jones, and C. VanVliet (Co-PIs), PI: G. Larkins, Future Aerospace Science and Technology in Microwave Cryoelectronics for Space Applications, Air Force, 1995-2001, $ 5,341,345; $100,000/year.
• Yesim Darici (Key Personnel), Switch-On, FL State, 1994-2014, $ 5,000/year. • Yesim Darici (PI), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, National Security Agency, 1994-1995, $200,000, $200,000/year.
• Yesim Darici and Stephen Mintz (Co-PIs), PI: George Simms, Pre-Freshman Enrichment Program for Minority Students, Department of Energy, 1992-1994, $40,000, $10,000/year.
• Yesim Darici (Co-PI), PI: Kinzy Jones at FIU, Surface Passivation of Gallium Arsenide, DARPA, 1988-1991, $100,000/year.