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Political Science and International Relations and Women's Studies Dual Degree

FIU students who complete a combined degree are more likely to earn an exceptional interdisciplinary education that will benefit them when applying to a competitive job market.

Dual degrees provide a range of benefits to students, giving them a global perspective and practical experience.

  • Affiliated Faculty

    Judith Stiehm, Professor
    Areas of Expertise: Political Theory, Social Change, Civil-Military Relations, Women's Studies

    Susanne Zwingel, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, International Relations
    Areas of Expertise: International Women’s Rights and Their Translation, Gender Equality Advocacy around the World, Global Governance and Gender; Feminist, Constructivist and Postcolonial IR theories, Gender and Armed Conflict.

    Kathryn A. DePalo, Senior Lecturer
    Areas of Expertise: American Government, Judicial Selection, State Government, Gender, Political Behavior.

  • Political Science and International Relations Courses for Women's Studies

    POS 4072 Women in Politics (3)
    Examines the various roles that women play in politics, their actions and effectiveness, and the manner in which politics affects women. Special attention to policies that affect women.

    CPO 4053 Political Repression & Human Rights (3)
    Examination of domestic factors resulting in political repression and violations of human rights. American, European, and South American examples will be used.

    POT 3304 Feminist Political Theory (3)
    Provides a fundamental understanding of feminist political theory since 1950 with an emphasis on U.S. thought. Concepts explored include equality, equity, and representation.

    POS 4605 Gender Justice (3)
    The development of gender law in the U.S. and legal strategies by which courts both initiate and respond to demands for social change. Emphasis on various legal definitions of justice and equality

    INR 4077 International Relations & Women’s Human Rights (IP) (3)
    Identifies and explains global human rights issues that affect women’s lives. Examines existing international legal instruments that allow women to have basic rights recognized. Fulfills SACS oral competency requirement.

    POT 4309 Sex, Power and Politics (3)
    Theories are examined that explain differences between women and men’s power in the political arena. Their internal consistency and “fit” with reality are also explored.

    INR 4085 Women and Men in International Relations (IP) (3)
    Surveys the differential roles of women and men in international relations, gender based politics at a global scale, and constructions of proper womanhood and manhood in transnational politics.

Career Outlook

  • Research scientist
  • Foreign service professional or official
  • Policy maker
  • Grassroots organizer