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Women Faculty Book Club

The Women Faculty Book Club at FIU, like so many others, meets to affirm our membership in a community of book lovers. With each work we discuss, we deepen our shared experience, learn more about each other and ourselves, and honor the heritage of women’s creativity across eras and cultures.

For more information about joining the book club, please contact Joyce Peterson at

Find below a listing of the AY 2018-19 Women Faculty Book Club books, or browse our picks from previous years back to 1991. The past-year publications encompass our chosen record of women’s writing over more than 25 years. We hope you find it a useful guide to leisure reading.

See below for more information about the Women Faculty Book Club! 

Summer 2019

The theme for our summer reading is fiction in translation, written and translated by women since the year 2000. Please find 3 summer lists below (in the dropdowns). The first is the short list of 5 works from which you are requested to read at least one.

Should you feel the need for more than the short list there is also a long list below to take you further. In both cases there is a link to a review with each title to help you decide which book or books you might want to choose.

Finally, there is also a third list of "classics," works written before 2000 and considered to be among the best. There are no links to reviews here, but these are well-enough known that you could easily check them out on Google to get an idea. All in all, there is an impressive diversity of languages and countries.

Enjoy your summer and impress your friends with your reading choices.